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Evercare Medicare Advantage – It’s Not For Everyone

Evercare MedicareCould you benefit from an Evercare Medicare Advanatage Plan?

Evercare Medicare Advantage Plans are not for everyone. You must meet qualifying conditions in order to enroll in an Evercare Plan. Evercare Plans are Special Needs Plans available from United Healthcare, the same company that offers the AARP MedicareComplete Advantage Plans. Medicare Special Needs Plans are a type of Medicare Advantage Plan designed to give certain segments of the population a more appropriate health care plan for their unique set of circumstances.

Who qualifies for an Evercare Medicare Advantage Plan and what types of plans are available?

There are three types of Evercare Special Needs Plans available.

  • Dual eligible Special Needs Plan. This plan is for Medicare beneficiaries that are also enrolled in their State’s Medicaid program. Members must typically have full benefits from Medicaid and not merely fall into a medical needy category to qualify. People without full Medicaid benefits are generally penalized with higher costs should they remain in an Evercare Special Needs Advantage Plan.
  • Chronic Medical Conditions Special Needs Plan. People with chronic medical conditions require more of a managed care model than what most Medicare Advantage Plans provide. Qualifying chronic conditions can vary from one location to the next, but often the list of conditions may include: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and others.
  • Special Needs Plan for those confined to an institution. In order to qualify for this plan a member must be confined to a skilled nursing facility or nursing home. This type of plan includes an in-depth manged care component.

If you qualify for an Evercare Medicare Advantage Plan you are able to join any time during the year. Qualification guarantees you a Special Enrollment period. If your status changes during the year and it looks as though you will qualify for a Evercare Special Needs Plan you should consider this option to receive your Medicare benefits.

These plans may not be available in all areas. Medicare Advantage Plans are offered County-by- County. Insurance companies are approved and contracted to offer Medicare Advantage Plans on an annual basis. An Advantage Plan may be available in one County but not the next. It’s also possible that, just like any Medicare Advantage Plan, an Evercare Plan may not renew for the following year.

Evercare Medicare Advantage plans are not the only Special Needs Advantage Plans available and you should use the same due diligence to compare plans as you would any other Advantage plan you are considering.

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